I have suffered from severe constipation for 13 years. I had a proctogram done in January that showed a that a muscle that is meant to relax for me to do a bowel motion is not relaxing. I am getting Biofeedback done next week and I am very nervous. Is it as bad as it sounds. Can anyone tell me of their experience? Unfortunately it’s on my 2nd wedding anniversary :’( Thanks in advance.

Hi - I have done this as I also suffered terribly it really wasn’t that bad just a bit embarrassing and uncomfortable. Mine never got any better and I now use the peristeen irrigation system which works ok, try not to worry, drink plenty of water and although quite disgusting prune juice is a gr8 helper if u can stomach it - good luck!!

Hi sweety whats biofeedback? I had a proctogram done ywi weeks ago no results yet…im like you suffer awful constipation…in pain all the time from it…i have started from.yesterday the peristeen system hace you tried that?..ihate tge constipation more than abything…constant feeling i need the loo but cant go…pain bloating and feeling ill plus so many obstructions from it…i hope something helps you x