Big Pharma cannabis contract

My son forwarded me this from facebook this:

GW Pharmaceuticals has a government granted monopoly contract to grow and produce medical cannabis at secret locations in the UK - several hundred tons since 2012.

Despite it being cheap and easy to grow, GW Pharmaceuticals sells cannabis to the NHS for £125 a gram.

Bayer is in partnership with Bayer for distributing it for GW Pharma.

They’re selling cannabis for five times the price of gold.

yet Sativex can be bought for a slittle as 21 dollars a gram in the USA.

The question is who negotiated this price on behalf of the NHS?

Who is making £100 on each gram sold?

Sativex is expensive to buy and is available on the NHS in a postcode basis.

Yet Theresa May as Home Secretary maintaned that 'cannabis has no medical basis"

growing your own for medical use should be de-criminalised!

big pharma won’t like that though.


Get on 38Degrees and start a petition to end the monopoly.


Please do make sure that the story is accurate.
The bulk of cannabis production in this country is by British Sugar who supply GWPharmaceuticals on a long term contract.
And do remember that GW are expecting a bigger return from their new anti-epileptic drug than they get from Sativex.


Theresa May was/is against the reclassification of cannabis, to a Schedule 2, which would make medical research a lot lot easier. Sajid David has promised to re-schedule it and make it medically available, in the autumn, ending this government’s hypocrisy of giving licenses for it to be grown and exported - making us the world’s largest provider of legal cannabis - but not for its citizens. Rant over, one love :slight_smile: UK is world's largest producer of legal cannabis | UK News | Sky News

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what’s it all about

i love your sign off “one love”.

Thank you, catwomanCarole58, There’s enough hate in the world already, without me adding to it.