Big hand of applause

Folk may moan of staff member/s or the whole service, but along comes a story which gladdens the heart, step forward the NHS staff of ward 3 at the Ninewells hospital in Dundee, they gave permission to bring a dog onto a ward to the family of a 70 man who’s only wish was to see one more time his beloved collie, Shep, the man died happily from fibrosis of the lungs a few hours later after his wish was granted, a BIG applause to them please, Brian


i’d never complain about the nhs.

what a prime example of human kindness which is so sadly lacking in some aspects of society.

thank you Ninewells hospital

I never complain about the NHS staff (although there are some doctors who could do with a bit of a personality transplant). But by far the majority of the nurses, healthcare assistants, porters, cleaners, etc, etc are truly wonderful.

I was in hospital twice last year, plus had a couple of weeks in a rehab unit. I have no complaints whatsoever. I wouldn’t want to eat the food everyday for the rest of my life, but I couldn’t fault the staff.

And it seems Ward 3 of Ninewells Hospital also deserve a well deserved round of applause.


Wonderful story, wonderful NHS staff. Round of Applause to Ward 3, Roundwells Hospital, Dundee.

Chrissie x