Does anyone know if the new oral drug BG12 will be available to all people with rrms or will it be just for the highly active rrms that the dmd’s are not working for.(like fingolimod)

I am on rebif and it is working for me but i would welcome an oral treatment.

I think the trials are nearly complete from what i have read and it may be available next year - if it is passed.

I am just wondering if i would meet the criteria as not relapsing on the rebif.

Thanks for any thoughts on this.

Teresa. x

Teresa here is a lot of information on BG-12:

Thanks Jellybean,

The link, however has not answered my question.

It says in one paragraph that BG12 will be a first line treatment which makes me think it will be available to all with rrms but then it goes on to say that it will be in competition with fingolimod which is only for highly active rrms.

I am still unsure if i will meet the criteria.

Thanks for your help though.

Teresa. x

I did try and find a date online but couldnt find one.