Beta interferon 1b &side effects

Hi ya guys been on beta interferon 1b for over a year now and for past 6 months been getting serious chest pains they do comevand go but when i get them wham it bloody kills its a really sharpe pain behind my right boob and then after a bit it goes then comes back Had to have a break from my injections (my choice) for a bit anyway retarted the injections last week and the chest pains have re started i had the first one last night Do u think this could be related or in my head? Cheers emma

Hi Emma, It sounds like you need to talk to your prescribing consultant or ms nurse. Do you get stressed and anxious when you inject? This may be a cause. I get shooting nerve pain when I inject, it can be anywhere if I inject in my left leg it often shoots down my left arm!!! Ain’t neurology a puzzle?! I hope you get sorted Sara