best not plan too far wise

Hi, just realised I should add money wise to the title of my post, or someone might think I`ve handed in me clogs!

No, it`s all these uncertainties re benefits. For me, this is what i am worried about;

Incap benefit to ESA…chuff knows what`ll appen

DLA to PIP…chuff knows whatll appen

Direct Payments…been told I may have to contribute…chuff knows whatll appen.

So the long and short of it is…chuff knows whatll appen!

Best not book the cruise yet…just as well as wheelchairs dont float!

Best not book a show in London…dont fancy the crowds anyway

Best not order a new conservatory as this ones roof leaks and is chuffin cold

Best not…do owt!

luv Pollx

Here here. Best just sit back and hope a miracle happens. All stress that we don’t need! X