Best MS Specialist

Hello, My husband has recently been diagnosed with MS and we’re not especially over enamoured with the specialist he has right now. We’re looking for somebody we can contact when things are bad and we need advice (I know the MS nurses can help) but when he’s been in excrutiating pain and we need some help like NOW we’ve not been able to get help or answers. And access to him isn’t very easy. I’ve researched hospitals which are the closest to us although some not so close but to enable us to see the best specialist we are willing to travel.

Does anybody have any recommendations for a sort of hospital of excellence for MS with the most up to date trials, with consultants offering and explaning new treatments etc., and guiding you to a certain extent?

Many thanks


If your husband has an MS nurse I would say that would be your first option, she’d be able to guide you both through the process. If you’re unhappy with the neuro, you can ask to see someone else. Looking on this website should give you up to date info on treatments available.

Best of luck,