Benign Fasciculations link to MS?

Hey guys, Hope everyone is well.

My name is James and I have been struggling with MS symptoms for as long as I can remember (at least 15 years) The main symptoms being chronic fatigue and “sunburn” and have bouts where it gets really bad. I will list my symptoms below to give you guys an idea.

Anyway, after many years of being told by doctors it’s all in my head and multiple dead ends, I finally got an appointment with a neurologist which, credit to my doctor, happened really quickly after tracking my symptoms but they have said they don’t think I have MS but it could be benign facial fasciculations which doesn’t make sense to me because it basically just means a twitch which does explain 1 thing but it doesn’t explain about 95% of the symptoms. They are supposed to be sending me for an MRI but can’t get a hold of them for results or any update on this.

Has anyone had the same or similar issues? Is there a link between them both?

Pain from eye to ear - new/rare
Constant fatigue - daily
Poor balance - daily
Simple tasks like eating can be exhausting - more often than not
No change whether lifestyle is active or lazy
Bowel and bladder issues
Trembling eye lids/weakness in face
Sexual dysfunction


Bruised/weighted - daily
Tingling - head, hands - quite often
Sunburn - most days (changes places)
Electric shock - often
Hair on ends (whole body) - semi often
Numb - usually face or fingers - often
Pins & needles - often
Prickly heat (like rolling in jaggies) - rare
Stabbing pains - random
Chronic pain - daily
Back pain - daily
Internal shakes - often
Muscle spasms - often
Insatiable itch under skin - rare

Dyspraxia dismissed