Another humdinger of a day has left me scratching round for things to watch. There’s no point in trying to do much.

I even went onto Channel 5 on demand. Here is a short reaction to what I saw.

I don’t know enough to get on my high horse about anything.

Best wishes.

Spot on Steve. I used to smoke & I’ve just had all my teef out, so it’s not all fact.

I’ve worked all my life & couldn’t understand why I kept falling over.

Surely folks can’t say PPMS is down to smoking. I know folks in their 90’s who smoke.

My son is covered in tattoos, but he works hard & I’m proud of him.

There’s definitely a load of scroungers out there. Thinking they all that. I used to try & change their ways, but you can knock for eternity when there’s nobody in.

When’s the next musical being made?