Benefit of pregnancy

Has any researcher ever come up with the reason why most women with m.s. feel really well when pregnant?

Hi, I can’t cite papers, I’m afraid, but I believe the gist of it is suppression of the immune system during pregnancy.

After all, the woman’s body is “hosting” another life, which, in other circumstances, might be regarded as hostile. So for pregnancy to run to term, the normal mechanisms which would recognise an “invader” as hostile, and attack it, have to be modified somewhat.

I’m trying to avoid describing an unborn child as a parasite, but in a way, it is. Unless special measures were in place, the body would try to get rid of it.

This may be similar to the way hookworm infestation supposedly dampens down MS. If the hookworms have evolved a way of modifying the immune system, so as NOT to make the body try to get rid of them, it would be similar to the mechanisms that prevent a developing foetus being attacked as “hostile”.


I guess it must be something very specific… cause my MS started when I was 13 weeks pregnant… baby is now 7 weeks old, and its not stopped yet! Although I was consistently telling everyone my immune system strangely seemed particularly good when I was pregnant cause I usually catch a million colds and nevr got sick once my entire pregnancy (except the MS…would swap it for a cold or 2 anyday! lol)