being treated unfairly at work

so i think im being treated unfairly at work. i was diagnosed with MS 6 years ago im a carer i do 24 hour contract shifts a week after i got diagnosed i requested a reasonable adjustment to be placed on night shift as the day shift work is too much. they granted me it and ive been night shift ever since and its been nowt but trouble. the christmas rota has come out and as im a carer the 4 main days are christmas day,boxing day,new years eve and new years day you get to pick to request what days off you want. well this year i asked for xmas eve night and xmas night off and said id work the other 3 nights. theyve put me in for xmas night and new years day night shift. im furious because when you look at rota im the only single mam to be put in at xmas plus im covering more of the xmas shifts than the full timers. theres two guys on 48 hour contracts one only has six hours the other only has 12 hours i cant get over how my manager thinks its ok to do this i work nights for a reason so why should i be treated unfairly and work more of the xmas shifts than the full timers, plus i have a 7 year old and ill have no childcare hence why i requested it off. im not sure what to do next? any help is greatly appreciated im so stressed over this.

Hi linzimain Sorry to hear that you’re having a crap time. Are you part of a union? They may be able to advise, also could you explain to your bosses boss the situation? I’d ask to be referred to occupational health for their input and if they don’t give you what you’ve requested go off sick with stress. You don’t need this hassle. Good luck

I’ve barely slept all night because of the stress, I’ve never been part of a union never felt i needed it

Call they will point your employers in the right direction

Have a chat with your boss and explain the child care problem and suggest that as they as firm expect you to work those shifts when you had asked not to then they provide and pay for the child care arrangements.

There is a difference between being treated badly and being treated unfairly. It doesn’t follow that full-timers should work more Christmas shifts than the part-timers and I’m not sure you should be raising the fact you’re a single parent - you don’t know what Christmas commitments other workers may have. I think you have been treated badly and the only thing you can do is ask the manager if he/she can see a way you can have more time off at Christmas.


Hi Liz,

I’ve been part of a union for years and I really, really rate them.

If you join now they probably will only be able to advise on this issue but considering how awkwardly changeable MS can be its worth having them to back you up.

In the meantime have a chat with ACAS they should be able to advise, but have a chat with your manager as well, it may be an honest mistake.


Linzimain, I’d think about giving the DLS a call - - the MS Society provide this service. All the best.