Before I make myself silly at the doctor's

Hi all,

Just wanted a little advice before booking an appointment as I don’t want to waste his time or make myself look silly.

For years on and off I get cold hands and feet, other times my feet and lower legs really burn and I have like a buzzing sensation which can last from 10-20 mins. I’m constantly exhausted, I get up and then feel I could go straight back to bed. I’m constantly napping during the day which is horrible when I’ve got to go to work in the early evening. I fall asleep reading a book, watching tv etc. Some mornings I get up with a really bad headache which will last all day, thankfully this is only a few days in the month.

Last night I went to bed and my legs felt really damp from the knees down, which has never happened before. I trip over nothing, I’m so clumsy and feel like I have a fuzzy head which in turn makes it hard to focus when reading a text message etc. I have to rush to the toilet as the feeling to pee will suddenly just appear. I start to talk and forget what I’m talking about or say things which make no sense and have to stop and try to re-say it all.

I really don’t feel like myself and it’s got worse the past month or so, I climb as a hobby and doing just one route now is making me breathless and really tired. I sat and cried this morning as I’d just filled the kettle, carried it from the sink and managed to spill it on the floor, I just feel so off with myself. I am B12 deficient and take vitamins plus get the yearly booster, I did ask a nurse if it could have been M.E but she just put it down to the B12. My iron levels and other bits are ok as I had a blood test about 4 months ago.

Sorry for the rambling but could this be MS or just extreme tiredness? I’d be grateful for any comments/advice. Thank you.

First of all, if you are concerned about your health go to the doctors, explain what is worrying you. They will send you for further tests if required. You must be honest and assertive. I’ve sometimes felt like you - that the doctors thought I was neurotic, Incidentally I asked him yesterday whilst at the doctors, lol, and he said no and I’d been through a lot, I felt hughly relieved. My point is the doctor is used to dealing with all sorts. It’s better to check than let things ride and you ending up worst and bluntly costing more to “fix” or needing more expensive “interventions” They can reassure you, but you are the expert at what your body feels like. By the way, my dad is the leave it till the blues and twos are needed and it causes more stress and he has a worst outcome. Hope this helps.


Obviously nobody here can tell you if you have MS but you are obviously getting pretty worried about your symptoms. Vitamin B deficiency can produce a lot of weird effects. And I would certainly stop climbing if you are getting clumsy and tired, whatever the reason.

If you keep a diary of what you’re going through that will help your GP to decide if he needs to refer you to a specialist. You shouldn’t feel that you’re wasting his time. He’d rather be able to put your mind at rest than not treat any condition that you might have.

Let us know how you get on.

Best wishes,


Please go to your doctor and keep going back. Until they listen. I had similar symptoms as you. Try and get your doctor to refer you To the neurology department. They are brilliant. Do you have the b12 injections? And Iron tablets? I really would stop the climbing. Even just temporary. Keep safe and stay strong xx please don’t think you are wasting doctors time. Or your own. You are not. Keep us posted on how you get on. Don’t feel Alone. Either. Always people to talk to on here

Thank you all for your advice. Lina ginger, I do have the yearly booster injection but also take a daily vitamin tablet. I don’t take iron tablets but will ask when I go if I need them.

Chatterbox, I’ve had endless blood tests plus a liver scan due to 1 high iron reading which then levelled back out but they make me feel like I’m making up symptoms to get tested. I hate blood tests as they make me feel woozy and vomit so wouldn’t do those willy-nilly. It’s like they don’t take you seriously.

Thanks again for your advice, I have rung and have an appointment for early next week and will go from there. Have a good weekend xx

well done for getting an appointment for next week.

hope you get answers.