Been referred

I’ve been referred to neurological for symptoms eg headache , misty head , tingling in legs, heavy arms , could sleep constantly, and emotional reck , been told he doesn’t think it’s MS so now wants me to go for MRI has anyone else gone through this Ive been made to feel like I’m lying hypochondriac , has anyone else had this .


I think everyone who sees a doctor who is told ‘I doubt that it’s MS’, but ‘we’ll do an MRI anyway’, feels like they’re being told ‘you’re exaggerating your symptoms’, or ‘you’re a hypochondriac’, or worse still, ‘you have Munchausens’!

Take it from me, it’s unlikely the doctor thought any of those things. And even if he did, they’re not true. So have the MRI and see what happens next.

Try to put that doctor and his off putting manner out of your head. And hopefully your symptoms will slowly ease off and you’ll feel a bit less knackered, woolly headed and like cr@p.

Feel free to use us as a sounding board for your feelings. Believe me, you’re not alone in what you’re experiencing.


Hi Universal, If your headaches are constant asked to be tested for MRI still essential. George


I know that feeling well!

Im worried doctors won’t believe me (I’ve had this in the past with doctors that hasn’t helped). I’ve thought about cancelling referral because if they don’t find anything they’ll think I’m making it up, of course I don’t want them to find anything serious but something that can be easily sorted.

I worry they will find something, I’m worried they won’t. Sometimes I question myself, on the good days I wonder if I make the bad times bad. During the bad days I wonder what it can be that’s doing this and know that I’m not blowing things out of proportion. Then I’ll have a better day and question myself over if it’s me making the bad times bad again. The circle goes on and on.

I know it’s not advice but I think everyone goes through times of feeling they aren’t believed or being told they are exaggerating.

You know your body and if you feel something is wrong it’s usually because it is! Go for the MRI and go from there

Good luck!!

Its like i said to my lovely neurolgoist do you really honestly think i would give up a job earning me 25,000 a year to sit on a recliner chair all day going doooolally… he laughed and said no we will find out what it is, but it might just take a little bit longer as your not classic and sadly over the hump age for diagnosis lol. 1951 was a good year but you see that age on MRI films and they put every bright spot on your MRI down to either aging process, or an arc on the film. thank god i had a great neuro who stuck with me, and we got there in the end it took 10 years. when he finally said you have progressive MS, i just said to him, i could hug you but better not lol. I never saw him again that was in 2016 and now i have a little label attached to me, and i just get on with life. the only difference it made to me was my family suddenly seemed to take me more seriously. those people who were a rare sight in front of me, suddenly became more visible and worried about my well being lol. I knew i was ill, i never obsessed over it, in my day in 2006 we didnt really have all this google doctor besides which i used to teach I.T. and the internet and knew how precarious it could be and inaccurate lol, so i kept off it. MS is a very difficult disease to diagnose and its better to have it done slowly and accurately then have it done speedily and the doctor get it wrong. I always said if it was MS it would show itself and it did finally. x