Been referred to Neuro; GP didn't laugh when I asked!

Hello :slight_smile:

Following on from my first post “MRI scheduled - A hopeless ramble from a newbie :)” I’ve been to my GP and asked to be referred to a neurologist.

I get very flustered and my words come out wrong so I wrote a diary/timeline of symptoms, family history and my investigation 10 years ago for MS. He said it was a sensible thing to investigate and referred me straight away. He’s going to include my timeline in his referral letter too. I know there’s a long wait for an appointment but I’m actually happy he didn’t think I’m being a hyperchondriac or that I’m wasting his time. I’m not good at sticking up for myself but went in with determination of mind that I actually didn’t need to draw on, he was lovely and supportive!

Well done! It’s good to be listened to - helps you feel more in control of your situation. Hope you aren’t waiting too long for your appointment x

That’s great news :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed it’s not too long a wait.

Karen x

Thanks Sunflower and Rizzo (Karen).

I was prompted to go for another reason and showed him my list, although I forgot to add my Jimmy Leg (RLS), I get it whilst sitting down, it comes in spates and only my left leg is affected which twitches and niggles me. It goes away when I go to bed which I gather from speaking to other people is rather odd as others are bugged at night by it. I’ve had this since the mid 1990’s so kind of used to it.