Bed support

Hi, I’m new to this forum can anybody help me. My mum is in her 70’s and bedridden wiith MS she has no ability to straighten her self when she falls to one side in bed, so somebody is constantly having to straigten her up, myself and brother are not getting any younger and both have artrithis. Does anybody out there know where we can purchase some kind of cushioned wedge that can go between her and the wall to help hold her upright? I hope I’ve put this on the right forum there seemed to be a lot of them!!

Thank you

Hello and welcome :slight_smile: gp will refer your mum to the occupational therapist, who will organise one for your mum. You can buy them from disability shops and online, don’t know the price though. Take care :slight_smile:

Ps; in the meantime!! Use one or two pillows to act as a wedge until you get sorted :slight_smile:

Many thanks will try the Dr.

Hello Ocki,that’s sad about your mum.Where I live on the Wirral there is a stall in Birkenhead market that sell blocks of foam,wedges and all inbetween.The crew there can make just about anything for the kind of thing you want.If you don’t live round here maybe you can find somebody locally who can make exactly what you want.


Hi, I used to be a nurse and we used bean bags for people with the sort of problem you describe.