I think a lot about the highlights of the past and the things I was attracted to.

I am pleased to have done so much but I bet I could find more in the future.

This is more pictures than writing.



Hi Steve Lovely pictures and memories of fantastic times and plenty more to make. Thank you for your blogs I always enjoy them. Pam x

Thanks Steve, isn’t it nice to look back at places you’ve been to, people who’ve been important to you, and experiences you’ve had? I met a woman tonight who was telling me about holidays she’d head in South Africa, where I spent much of my life and comparing places we’d been to and experiences we’d enjoyed and then coming home to see your blog makes me want to dig out the photo albums. Unfortunately I’m not quite as photogenic as you but hey ho such is life! I know what I’m doing tomorrow though. Thanks for that. Cath x

Lovely pictures!

Sonia x