BBC's Caroline Wyatt - diagnosed with MS

I read this on the BBC website this morning, so for those of us who spent many years wondering why we had unexplained symptoms, we’re not the only ones who had to wait for a dx.

'In her first interview since revealing the news last week, Wyatt told the Radio Times: “It is what it is.” “I am not angry, and I don’t want bitterness to start eating away at me.”

One of the best known faces of BBC News, Wyatt recently stepped down as the corporation’s religious affairs correspondent due to her condition.

‘Incredibly blessed’

“I feel really sad now because I’m not going to be a correspondent full-time anymore - I physically can’t.”

Wyatt had been struggling with undiagnosed symptoms for 25 years but was only diagnosed with MS last July after she was paralysed down her left side.

Wyatt, who was also the BBC’s defence correspondent, said she has had moments where she has questioned her own mortality’.

Yes I read this too. I wish her well.


Me too Ann