BBC Report on Catheters

I know we’re not supposed to post links, but I thought people might find this interesting.

i suffered for years after having a catheter during a caesarean in 2003. Taking D-mannose has given me my life back.


Heather, l have emailed the University of Southampton re the catheters. As managed to get hold of some of the new designed caths from US. via a friend who was staying there with her son. These have two balloons - one that cushions the tip stopping it from causing damage to the bladder wall and blocking. They are so much better then the old foley ones. The company who designed them gave me enough samples to last 3yrs. My ‘nurse’ who specialises in catheters etc - is very impressed with them - she is trying to her boss to try and get them into Uk. At the moment they only have FDA approval and need CEO mark for export. l have told them about my experience with foley caths.

l didn’t catch the programme myself. lt was the friend who got them for me that listened to it and told me.

Yes, l also use D-Mannose - also apple cider vinegar - l drink it - 2 tablespoons and some honey in a tumbler of water. lt is alkaline and corrects the ‘ph’ - helps keep bladder healthy. Also good for lots of other things - arthritis-gout etc.