BBC Breakfast this morning...


Nothing to do with MS, this is just me being a proud husband as my missus was just on BBC Breakfast! side a She was being interviewed alongside a psychologist talking about photography. (I have two attempts at posting this already but the posts have disappeared). Anyway, she’s due on again at 8.50, if anyone happens to be up & got nothing else to do.

I’m right chuffed!


I saw her , nice photos bet your one proud husband and she had the same surname as the psychologist Amanda

Very proud!

Saaw it how proud you must be.

Can you still get your hat on.


Awww. I saw that Dan. She is lovely and what beautiful photgraphs. I loved the one of the sea and the landscape one.

Bet you are proud.

Shazzie xx

Flipping heck, this afternoon she had an email from the head of Nikon UK offering her a free upgrade of one of her cameras - that’s a two thousand pound camera! Mental!

Ironically, I don’t think any of the photos they showed were taken with her Nikon cameras…