"Ball" feeling just under lower, right ribs

Good Morning,

I started with this in another thread, but wanted to give it it’s own thread.

My partner was recently diagnosed with MS, although had had her first symptoms, probably about 18 months ago.

Ever since her first proper attack last October, she’s had a feeling of a “ball” on her right hand side, just below her last rib, slightly above her stomach. We’ve had ultrasounds and blood tests etc to look into this, but nothing has shown up, which has led us to think it’s one of 2 things:

  • IBS / food intolerance - only started since MS symptoms have occurred

  • A result of a MS attack - nerve damage / lingering numbness.

I was keen to find out if anyone else had this? I’ve read about the “hug”, but this seems to be too low, and isn’t a constricting feeling, which is what a lot of people seem to have experienced, but, as mentioned above, feels more like a tight ball that doesn’t go away?

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I have that feeling, I had it when I had glandular fever 8 years ago. And it disappeared after a year. But it has came bAck since X