balance issues

Hello. Can someone suggest what is going on with my balance?

It has got worse over the last 3 years but now a new twist is occurring, almost everytime I get out of bed or stand up from a seat or sofa, I fall straight back down onto it again. Is this something which sounds familiar? I am not going dizzy at all when this happens though I do have dizzy spells at various times (mainly at night). I also have constant pain in my left thigh (aching) which I don’t know is due to strain of constantly stumbling (my left side is my worst) but I am finding it harder to bend or sit on the floor and have a problem getting up again. Does this sound neurological or muscular or can the 2 be linked.



Hello spider woman and welcome. Same for me, when I get up I normally fall backdown, learning to try before I get out of bed would be handy as I seem to fall over an awful lot. Legs pain all the time among others Go get yourself checked out just to be sure

Hello and welcome Spider woman,

I would suggest you take a trip to your gp and explain to him/her as to what is happening to you, but it does need investigating. I to fall back down on standing and cannot sit on the floor and if I kneel on the floor I find it extemely difficult to get back up. Get it checked out and wish you all the best.



Hi Spiderwoman

Just an idea, but have you had your blood pressure checked? Balance issues are common but sometimes low blood pressure can make it worse. It may well be normal but worth a check.

Min x

What you have to sort out is what the real problem is.
Like: are you falling down because your brain is not sending the right signals to your body, or, are your muscles not supporting you right after you have stood up.

Two different problems with the same result

The pain and the stumbling do suggest the first problem - which a Neurophysiotherapist should be able to help with, but the second one could be needing just physiotherapy. Either way, start with your GP and/or MS Nurse (if you have one). Just get clear what you are asking them about.


Hi, I am not diagnosed yet but have one cervical cord lesion. This has causesd spasticity to develop in my right leg only.

For example on my left leg my reflexes and babinski sign etc are normal and I can balance on my left leg very well. On the right I have increased reflexes, postive babinski sign and I cant balance on my right leg at all. From what I know the nerve pathways from brain to muscles on my right leg and back again have been disrupted by the lesion. The brain is not getting the message of position from those spastic muscles - hence balance problems. Also muscles that have spasticity can feel tight and sore as they are continually fired up! (ie contracted). Baclofen, Tizanidine or sativex can help. The first 2 may increase fatigue as it did for me. I want to try sativex but it is expensive and doctors are relunctant to prescribe it.


Moyna x