Bad MRI result..? Help

So I just got my results back for an MRI IAC that I had done without contrast on a 3T scanner 2 weeks ago:

“T2 axial images through the brain were supplemented by fine T2 axial and coronal sequences through the IAMs. There are a number of foci of T2 high signal mainly in the periventricular white matter of both cerebral hemispheres largely perpendicular to the lateral ventricles ad a possible further area in the right middle cerebellar peduncle. no cerebellopontine angle mass lesion is seen. The appearances are suggestive of a demyelinating process. In particular there is no evidence of a vestibular schwannoma and both membranous labyrinths appear normal. Movement artefact obscres some of the fine detail images through the IAMs.”

I will be seeing a neurologist shortly but in the mean time if anyone can make sense of the above and answer these two questions I would be most grateful:

  1. Do you think this is something I should be worried about? Multiple sclerosis?? Or is it possible this could somehow be benign? I just have tinnitus and random 2-3 second muscle twitches around the body every now and then.

  2. Can these results (high signal foci) somehow be reversed with good diet or something of that sort?

Any more information about this would be great, I’m freaking out a bit until I see the neuro…

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Hi Anon

I am no expert (at ALL), but the only thing from your report that may suggest MS (or a similar illness) is ‘The appearances are suggestive of a demyelinating process.’

MS is a dymelinating illness. This basically means that in MS the myelin coating on the nerves becomes damaged. This results in lesions which are like scarring where the nerve has partially repaired itself. These can be seen in the central nervous system (usually via MRI).

However, it only says that it is suggestive, not that anything is for certain. Plus, one thing I have learned from having lots of appointments, letters, scans etc is to try not to second guess what a neurologist is going to say.

Try not to panic too much, and just wait for your neuro appointment (easier said than done, I know).

Best of luck with the appointment and let us know how you get on


Hi g and pandagal… Thank you both for your replies. I read the stickie about mris and basically that shows that my mri results and the location of my lesions are indicative of ms which deeply saddens me. I have a bit of an anxiety problem but even when trying to look at things objectively things are not looking good. I am only 26 and male. Almost exactly a year ago I experienced a loss of sensation on the left side of my face which kind of felt numb but I could still feel touch and control my face as normal. 2 months after that I got a visual ocular aura were I saw zigzags in my field of vision but it went away within 30mins. A year later I experienced the same thing just thatmy numbness was on the right side of my body from behind the ear to the chest and radiating down my right arm. A few weeks after i got another ocular aura migraine. The numbness between these two attacks never went away fully but did get better (i could still feel a very slight numbing). Now after my mri i have been extremely stressed and unable to eat much, the numbing on the left side of my face flares up a bit. Lastly I have had muscle twitches mainly around the thighs and leg but also around the buttocks, my back snd sometimes eyelids. These occur regularly everyday almost although are most noticeable when im stressed or tired. I guess with these symptoms and my mri results, ms is very likely and im terrified. Im only 26 and my symptoms seem quite new but i already have a “number” of lesions (not specified but assuming number is more than 3). Im petrified ihave ppms or prms or just a really quickly degenerative type of ms. My neuro appt is in a month an I will definitely find it difficult to await a diagnosis until then. If anyone might have something to say which might cheer me up, I would really appreciate it… I hope a cure is found soon or at least something to stop progression.

Hi Demosth

I’ve only just seen your reply.

I’m not a neuro, so obviously I don’t fully understand the gobbledegook on these MRI reports, but I do agree with you that they seem to be ‘suggesting’ MS or a similar condition.

However, you don’t know what the neuro will say and unfortunately, second guessing is never helpful (as I have found when second guessing what my neuro will say for every appointment - and being wrong!).

I am only 28, so I do understand your fears. Being in limbo is a horrible time.

However. It is important to remember that there are treatments for MS. There are disease modifying drugs (DMDs) which can significantly reduce relapses and therefore damage to the central nervous system. Try not to worry about having PPMS. It is unlikely and as your mobility hasn’t been affected, I don’t think it’s very probable (although I’m no expert, so people feel free to correct me on that!).

Try not to panic. I know it’s hard because with all this uncertainty, our minds go to dark places. I am a very anxious person too and I found the uncertainty very difficult to deal with.

Remember that however you deal with this, is ok. It’s a hard time and there are no rules as to how you should cope. Do what you can to make yourself feel better.

I have everything crossed for you that your appointment goes well

PG xx

Honestly, Demosth, when I see a post like yours, I thank my lucky stars that I never got copied in on letters written by experts for experts. Those kind of letters really are the pits: enough frightening jargon to scare the bejazus out of anyone, but not enough in English to make any real sense of.

Of course you are now convincing yourself that you have MS. Maybe you do and maybe you don’t, but one thing’s for sure: you don’t know what is the matter yet and, for all you know, your neuro won’t know what is the matter yet either. The trick for you now is to stay calm and not jump the gun; go into the consultation with as open a mind as you can muster. Your other job is to look after your general health and, in particular, to manage your anxiety and try not to let it manage you. For a start, look straight in the eye that utterly self-generated bogeyman that tells you that whatever you have, you must have the most extravagantly, ruinously galloping form of it… Take a cool, critical look at him, demand some factual justification and then watch him shrivel.

In other words, keep calm and carry on.

Good luck.


hi demosth

i’m sorry that you have been hit with this crock of cr*p at such a young age.

however now is a good time to research the dmds on offer so that if your neuro offers you a chance to start on them, you will already have an inkling about which you would prefer.

mindfulness meditation is great for helping to keep your mind calm and clear.

i went on a course at the ms therapy centre but you can download many of them for free.

it really helped me through my last relapse and now i just keep an mp3 next to my bed.

if you have an ms therapy centre nearby (usually in the nearest city) these are a great place to meet others with ms and have a range of therapies available at a subsidised cost. i go to mine for HBOT (hyperbarric oxygen therapy).

also it’s important to have something to look forward to so book tickets to see a favourite band!

good luck

carole x