Bacolfen Pump

I care for Tony, he has progressive MS, he is non weight baring and this past year has seen a relapse. In particular with the level / quantity & severity of spasms in his legs. He is on bacolfen, oxynorm & longtec for pain relief also Sativex spray. We are now is consultation with the hospital to have a Bacolfen Pump put in. However Tony is concerned about loosing his legs altogether, he currently has feeling and is able to push down on them that’s it.

Any thoughts / advise / feelings on his way forward greatly appreciated. Although in great pain and with the autumn & winter not far away this will deteriorate further, he isn’t sure if being pain free (possibly) out weighs loosing his legs completely.

I’m new to this website & forum so I hope I haven’t broken any rules.

Thanks all.

Jason (carer)

Hi Jason. A good idea to join us on the forum. The members here are a mine of info gained from experience. First though, you might want to change the title of this post. I don’t suppose Tony wants to be so public! You might have to copy what you’ve typed, delete your post, start a different thread with a different title and paste what you’ve got. Phew! ! All I can offer is magnesium spray for your pain and spasms. Works great on my legs. I got mine from Holland and Barrett