I’d like to know if people get extreme tiredness with Baclofen and also what dose do people take?

I think tiredness is one of the side effects you can get with it. I take it at night though (10mg) so I’ve got no complaints if it does make me tired.


I take 10 mg tablets at three different times during the day. So, three a day.
I do know that I do get a little drowsy when I take it, but not unfunctional drowsy. Just a little. Sometimes, if I take 2 at night, then I get fairly drowsy though. That is only if I take an extra one due to the pain in my legs.

Thanks. - I’ve been taking Baclofen for so long (10+ yrs) that I’d forgotten what was making me tired! Now I know - AGAIN!

(off for a sleep)

Yes, totally ! I can take 3 x 10 mg per day but in reality I only take the morning and night time dose.

It is very effective for me but as you say the drowsiness is a problem.


Hello :slight_smile:

I take 4 x 10mg spaced through the day, and it doesn’t make me tired.