Baclofen Pump

Hello Everybody, asking for help for my step-daughter Sarah. Who is awaiting for confirmation that she can have the pump fitted. i have read everything about this and although there are a lot of benefits to improve Spasyms, the downside are the complications that this can bring, with very worrying problems that can occur. Has anybody had this pump fitted or has any news about the pump that can can help Sarah and her family. Thankyou Chris Brennan [Step-Dad]

Hi Chris, I had one implanted 18mths ago now and would personally recommend it,I used to have terrible painful spasms but no longer have them at all. My surgery went very well and I’ve an amazing neurosurgeon but before I had it I was very nervous too and did loads of research and even met up with a lady local to me who had one,she made my mind up, Hope this helps, Kim