Baclofen Pump

I have just had a call from my hospital about having tests for a Baclofen Pump

they say there is a chance of a bed available in a couple of weeks

i have some reservations about the operation a bit nervous more than anything

they told me I need some physio tests first on the Friday then back on then Monday for the week

I was woundering if anyone has had this procedure done and did they find it affective

do they find it awkwark and does it hinder in anyway

many thanks


Coincidently I was referred to a spasticity specialist yesterday who went through some options, and the Baclofen pump was one of those options. She made it all sound very straight forward and apparently they give very good results. Personally I think for me its something to be considered in future. I was hoping that I might be starting on Sativex yesterday but she wants me to try other meds first as in her opinion there are meds for spasticity that offer better results than Sativex, however she did say it was still on the table as an option, along with the pump as an option for the future. I’ve tried Baclofen in tablet form but they did nothing, however this specialist said theres no comparison to the pumped version as it’s a direct & controlled hit ! Be interesting to hear from someone with the pump though !