baclofen max?


I have been increasing my baclofen and now on 90mg a day. This has decreased my spascitity but made me weak. Thinking of changing to Zanaflex - tizanidine.

Any body done this? What levels did you take? Any side effects?

Thanks Amy

Hi Amy, I take on board what Mel says and I couldn’t tolerate baclofen but a rehabilitation consultant tried to get me to take this and in his trial I was to increase by one tablet a week up to 10 tablets, I.e. 100mg, He said this was a lot but I could go up to that. I gave up long before I got there, so if my consultant was right, you can go this high. Cheryl:-)

Hi Amy,

Have to agree with Cheryl[she is from Kirkcaldy to]

My Consultant started me on 80mg,but i could take up to 100mg if i needed to.

Only take that mutch when i am bad,not sure if i suffer any side effects as most of the side effects i all ready have.

Hope you find some help soon.

Take Care,