Backache after a LP

Hi Everybody.

Just looking for some advice from people that have had a LP.

My partner had one yesterday morning and he is saying his back really hurts…I am guessing this is normal because of where the LP was.

But I was reading on the NHS site and it says on their to call a doctor immeditaly if the area were the LP was is leaking clear fluid…so this may seem like a really stupid question but how can you tell if the area is leaking clear fluid as the nurse has told partner to keep the white bandage plaster thing on till Friday.

If anybodyhas any thoughts or suggestions that would be great

Many Thanks

Hi ya

Paracetamol may help - but to err on the side of caution why don’t you give your GP a call - if nothing else it’ll put your mind at rest.

Resting up after an lp and drinking caffeinated coffee & full sugar coke as well as water helps to keep the ‘monster headache’ away too.

Debbie xx

Hi there, I think if your hubby was leaking CSF, the bandage would probably be wet and stained and it would be fairly obvious. Also, if it was leaking he would probably have the monster headache as this is what causes it. As Debbie says, contact the GP though if you are really worried. Hth, Teresa xx