Back to The Future Day.........

Hiya all

Well we’re here after nearly 16 years. It’s Back to The Future Day!

In November 1989 the film Back to the Future II, Marty and Doc set the time machine to today’s date… 21st October 2015 and they see all the wonders of ‘today’. Quite a lot of the predications misfired but some come quite close.

What would you like to see apart from the obvious cure for our MS buddy?

I would like a hover chair or to see Everton win the League!

Over to you…

“Where we’re going we don’t need roads…”


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Great Scott !

blimey- you’re organised to remember that date from that film!

what i’d like to see is:

  • all people having access to clean water and enough food
  • no war
  • people being more open minded and tolerant of others

but the boy in me would like to see:

  • hover cars
  • jet packs for solo flying
  • teleporters
  • invisibility pills

live long and prosper

fluffyollie xx

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Good one Marty - Everton?? same here only with your Red neighbours across Stanley Park #YNWA

Beat me to it Carraboy! Iget the feeling that’s today’s viewing sorted, that and the Manchester

derby, in fact it was the first thing hubby said when the football fixtures were announced! ‘back to the future day!’

Alison x

The clock tower saved !!!

Also Trafalgar day here in Norfolk. Not strictly official, but should be !! 215 years and all…

Not hard to remember, as for those of us that didn’t, it’s been all over the news.

Queensland Police, earlier today, issued a spoof tweet about the crashing of a silver car:

My college tutor, can you believe it, wore a blouse she’d bought from Next in the 80s - and told us it was in celebration of the day!

I’m just jealous she can still get into anything she bought in the 80s - AND look good in it. Mind you, she did put a jumper over, so you could only really see the collar. If it was very obviously outdated, or didn’t fit so well, you wouldn’t really have been able to tell.


210 actually. Should really read what I write !!! Fail :frowning:

Back to the future moment, champions league, not Manchester derby! oops

See my Trafalgar mistake. Must be the fog I reckon ??!! :wink:

I bet Michael J Fox wishes there’d been a cure for Parkinson’s Disease!!

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Ahhhh. The reds from the dark side…or is that another film ???

I watched Back To The Future II last night coz… well why not…?

To be honest, these days, i find Crispin Glover’s interviews with David Letterman to be infinitely more enjoyable :smiley: