Back pay for ESA after appeal (jax111)

I appealed against being put in the WRAG after my last medical in May 2010. It went to tribunal on the 27th June 2011…I won which I have posted about before.

Six weeks later still no back pay or extra money so I gave them a call…They had’nt been told :x

I got a letter this morning saying they have paid £194.64 into the above account for the period 14th June 2010 to 18th February 2011 ??

What about the last six months?

Has anyone else had this?


I found out today why I had not had any increase and the reason they only gave me back pay until feb.

Reason was I had filled in another ESA50 while waiting to go to tribunal and from that form had still decided I could go into the WRAG

The discriptor that got me into the support group was the walking one cannot walk more or .
self propel more than 50 metres…15 points straight into the support group

Now I am PPMS so I do not get better or unfortunatly have good days so if I could not walk more than 50 metres in june 2010 how can I now do it in feb 2011 ?

Both forms that I filled in said I could walk no more than 20 metres with a rollator…do they not read this and it then becomes 200??

I now have to make a late appeal so all the worrying I had for the last year is about to start all over again

I screamed and hollered at the poor man from the DWP or jobcentre plus and the air was blue so I hope he sends me this form