Back pain - Lower and Upper, also aches all over


I have recently been struggling with aches all over my body. Especially lower and upper back.

I am taking Modafinil - Provigil and Tecfidera and a few other bits a day.

Anyone else have bad aches? Any good fixes for this?

I have 2 massages a week which costs a fortune but it is a quick fix.

Anyone used a chiropractor to help?



Hi Chris

I get lower back ache also my ankles and calf muscles ache. I give myself a warm oil massage in these aching areas and it helps a lot.

I lay a towel on the rug and warm half an egg cup of almond oil (can get from pharmacy). To do this I put the egg cup of oil in a shallow cereal bowel of hot water not boiling and let it warm through (takes a minute).

Sit on the towel and massage in oil - bliss, leave on for 30 mins while I relax (but I keep warm with a long dressing gown). Then wipe off oil using a face cloth, little soap and warm water in the sink or have a quick shower.

Deep heat gel and supermarket own brand similar gels also work for me sometimes.


Thanks for getting back to me. I have pain in my ankles and my calf muscles too. I do like to go get a massage every week but as you can imagine these costs sure mount up, will give this a go

Hi Chris,I have been seeing a chiropractor for a number of years now for back problems.

I only go once a month now for maintenance.

My neighbour was suffering from back pains etc and I kept telling her to go and see him,she finally went and has never felt

better even as far a cutting the lawn again and she is 84.