Back muscles

Hi everyone Do any of you feel your back muscles are weakened and get stiffness there in lower back. I feel like mine are very weak when I bend over and back up it like a weird sensation, it def happened during my big relapse. I find when I’ve been doing lots they’re very stiff. I can normally really arch my bAck but it’s so stiff to do now The stiffness crept in after first batch of steroids. Normally after I go to bed when I get up I feel better in the morning. Today I just feel like I’ve been ran over by a bus. I did a lot of Friday was in the supermarket for 2 hours then got Callum home he wouldn’t stay with his dad. And was still putting away shopping at 10 at night and both kids were up till then as willow had wakened with wind heard Callum coming home at 8,30. This trying to find a balance is a bit of a nightmare Any advice I’ve had core excercises to do from physio but with arms and legs both being weakened now with willow home it’s near impossible to do, I am still quite strong like opening cans etc and if I set my mind to it I can still lift stuff like I’d 3 shopping bags in each hand. But they just get really tired and sore later. I’ll have a great day then be done for 2. I’m obviously not finding a balance

Yes, I was put on anti inflammatories as there was a swollen patch on my spine. It highlighted how weak my left leg is. I’ve got to have a brace on left leg as I’ve got foot drop intermittently, which is quite frightening as it comes on so quick …and I end up flat on my face lol. The joys! X I’ve had physio, the physio has said it’s pointless as I’m not well enough for long enough to do the exercises. I’ve found that pacing yourself is so important. I’ve learned to put the things off that don’t matter. The world doesn’t stop if I don’t put the washing on, and the papers are not informed if I don’t run the Hoover round one day :slight_smile: xx it takes time to get it right, but I’m sure if you only do what’s important, you’ll feel a lot better xx