Back again

Seashell, Yes, still working, I work for the U.S. Army in Belgium as a civilian. If I can last one and a half more years the boys will graduate high school then I will look into medically retiring. Greg

Hi seashell & welcome back. I have just come back myself after a year or so or more away! Started encountering "problems’ August 2006 but ignored it as I was a relatively active/sporty individual who didn’t do Docs surgeries. October 2006 optic neuritis Sod’s law in my good eye! Diagnosed November 2006, lucky I guess such a swift diagnosis. Hence similar to you just over 7 years. Have relapsing remitting type and main issues are fatigue and some cognitive. Have learnt to pace myself and just rest when I have to… Erm ok I rarely do,just love the energy rush and exploit it to the max until I crash. Live for the day I say! Hello to everybody else too x