back again 5 yrs on

hi used to be on this forum all the time when i was first being tested for the dz with ms, well since then last july my brother was dz with ms. but now my 25 yr old daughter has been unwell for a couple of yrs have symptoms like mine, she also had bother with her vision her optic nerve in her right eye has died andnow she cannot see out of this eye,she went for a ct scan, which was clear then she had an mri she went for the results and was told she does not have a tumour,or and large lesions there but there is something there he did not say what, but he is sending her for an emergency lumber puncture. is there any thing else it could be or is it what i think and she has ms. scared for her. i have just been to my doctor myself with terrible pain in my thumbs, was told its arthritis and am due to go on friday for steroid injections, ohhhhhh life never gets any better . hope for some help again xxxxx

I was told ON could be caused by a number of things some of which could cause signs that show up by LP. So I guess it could be some thing othr than MS.

I hope things take a turn for the better.

Good luck,