Baby Charlie Gard

I found the final decision, made by Charlie’s mum and dad, to end his very young life, so terribly sad.

Those poor brave parents have had their lives made public and will now need some private time to grieve for their son.

A complicated genetic condition meant Charlie suffered severe brain damaged.

The family raised over a million pounds, which could have been spent in America, in an effort to try to improve Charlie’s life.

Sadly the court wrangling meant the damage went beyond any hope of treatment.

And today Charlie’s mum pleaded with the authorities, to let her take him home to die.

Will this shocking mitochondria desease ever be beaten? I hope so.

Poll s x

Heartbreaking Poll, can’t even come close to imagining how awful this whole nightmare is for them. They are so, so brave, sure everyone’s thoughts are with them Tracey xxx