b*gger! :-(

i was actually looking forward to being 38 … sexual prime apparently! but then 10 days before my birthday got my diagnosis :frowning:

have been suffering with numbness for a long time but now it has moved to a new level. i was previously worried purely about the numb sensation - can’t be good for those intimate moments right?! but now, touch has become painful …an after toilet wipe now feels like i am using a cheese grater rather than paper :frowning: this is kind of putting me off intimacy - and to be honest - i am gutted!!! has anyone got any advice on this? only have 10 months left before i’m past my prime!!! xxx

Hi Vicky… wouldn’t take too much notice of the ‘prime’ thing… lots of women hit their prime after menopause so you could have years to go yet!

Go and see the GP hon. You need something to try and calm down that level of sensitivity. Med’s such as Gabapentin or Amitriptyline might help.

Hope you get is sorted soon… sounds awful.

Pat x

Thanks pat for the reassurance - hubby will be pleased :slight_smile: I’m currently taking gabapentin…not touching it :frowning: perhaps I should increase dosage some more - I’ll call dr tomorrow xxx

Well I don’t know who said 38…they’re gonna get a pleasant surprise when they hit 42…so I’m led to believe anyway…of course it’s ages away til I hit that !!

thanks mrs h…just what’s always been documented - men reach theirs at 18, women 38…i’m very very happy to hear that i’ve been misled :slight_smile: xxx

Hi, I wonder if using lots of KY jelly will help. dryness causes more pain I think.

luv Pollx

:slight_smile: thanks poll, but no dryness…it’s not just in “that area”…it’s the same from my foot to my ribs on my left side :frowning: xxx