Anyone here into Ayurveda?


Hi Heather,

I remember some controversy here in Australia not long ago about Ayurveda medicine imported from India. Apparently there were several cases of lead poisoning as a result of taking them. A significant percentage of them contain toxic amounts of heavy metals including mercury, lead and arsenic.

And this

“Popular Indian herbal medicines sold over the internet may contain harmful levels of poisonous toxic metals, The Guardian reports. Laboratory tests on Ayurvedic remedies found that up to one in five of them contained dangerous amounts of lead, arsenic and mercury, which “can lead to acute poisoning”, the newspaper says.”

And this was published only last month in Mumbai, India

“Thinking of ayurvedic medication? Think again. Doctors in the city warn that ayurvedic medicines may contain high levels of toxic metals, which could lead to poisoning, besides leading to side effects like depression, memory loss, loss of sensation and renal failure.”

Please do be very careful if taking this medicine.