awful pain

Hi everyone

I’ve been suffering with bad pain in my right big toe which travels up the front of my calf. If I bend the toe a really bad shooting pain goes through it enough to make me stumble and my leg gives way. I find I can’t crouch down to do anything as the pain in my front calf is terrible. It feels like bone/joint pain and I’ve never had it before I started ms symptoms.

Does anyone else here suffer these sort of pains and is it connected with ms?

Also a second query. does anyone take Regurin for bladder urgency? I’ve got a problem with urine retention at the moment, when I want to pee I find my bladder is now unable to hold it until I reach a loo so I end up leaking. I’ve been prescribed regurin but what are peoples experience with this drug?



Everyone’s symptoms are different so I do not thiink someone else having this precise pain or not is direct proof that your is MS. I have found people keen to attirbute every problem to MS - sometimes it is indeed the case but you should get everything checked out to eliminate a non- MS cause. If this is a problem I suggest getting it checked out to rule out something wrong with your toe etc that should be treated, And if there is nothing wrong, there are things that you can take for neuropathic pain. I take a different drug for bladder so cannot comment on this drug.

Hi, I wonder if the pain in your foot/leg is a spasms? I did get a similar sounding pain many moons ago, when I was able to walk.

Have you tried baclofen?

Re the bladder meds…I am on oxybutynin, which wasn`t prescribed for urine retention, but the opposite! It does work most of the time.

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Pain in toe sounds like a spasm. Am I right in saying it is excruciatingly paindful for a few seconds, whilst toe is bent up. Goes away then pain returns when toes goes back into the painful position a few minutes later and there are sort of shooting pains.

I had a similar thing, Go to doctor or better still your MS nurse/MS doctor.

If it is a spasm then a perscription will be given to you. Each person’s symptoms etc are different so be patient with the drugs.



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