Awaiting urgent referral appointment

Hi all,

Just to let you know the outcome of Monday’s appt with GP - he has sent an urgent referral to the hospital.

I was a little concerned though that he couldn’t decide whether he was referring me for assessment on my head or below my head (his words). I was a little taken aback to be honest so didn’t query what he was saying - now I’m worried that he has referred me to general medicine and not neuro. Guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Other than that, I was feeling fine most of the week and actually felt guilty that he had given me another sick note but yesterday was awful with lots of pain in both my thighs and shooting pain down my legs. Today I just feel totally lifeless and had a really bad night with pins and needles down my arms for most of the night which kept me awake and time to worry on my hands!

I hate this waiting game as most of you will probably be familiar with.

One question - does an episode of pain do damage if it’s not being treated? And should I be resting or trying to work through it - sorry that was more than one question

Well, hope everyone is well today and thanks for reading my ‘limbo post’.

Alison xxx

Hi Alison, I think it might be wise to phone GP and ask if he has actually referred you to neurologist… if you don’t want to do this you could wait for the appointment. (You could say that someone…ie me!..has advised you do see neuro!)

The chances are that if you are referred to general medicine they will then refer to neuro. Might delay the process slightly, but either way you are on the right track so I would expect you will end up seeing a neuro at some point.

Heat tends to make symptoms like pins and needles worse so that might be your problem with this heat wave. Stay as cool as you can.

Not dealing with pain would depend very much on what is causing the pain. If it is nerve pain caused by MS (or another neurological condition) then no, you will not be making things worse by not treating the pain. (I’m sure you would know if it was an abscess or something which should be treated at once).

The work or rest question… well that is so subjective. I stopped working when I was going to the loo at work and crying and again crying on way home. I then hit the point where I simply could not even get dressed. I’m not normally a wimp but I was SO bloody tired and freaked out by cognitive stuff.

On other hand, if staying at home just has you sitting worrying the whole time, then work might be a better idea.

You need to judge it for yourself. Also of course it depends on whether or not you want to tell your employer what you are going through and hopefully they will by sympathetic.

Perhaps a few days off right now to rest a bit and think things over?

Remember, there are other conditions that can cause the symptoms you discribe… so remain open minded. It might not be MS at all.

I really hope you get some answers soon! Luckily I’m not in limbo and remember only too well how frustrating it was.

Pat x

Hi Pat,

Just want to thank you for your lovely and very supportive reply

Since reading your post, I’ve kinda snapped out of it and tried to put everything to the back of my mind.

Yesterday, I managed to dose myself up and actually do some gardening - I was repotting strawberries but found it really difficult as my legs were so heavy and painful, so I got myself a stool, where theres a will theres a way.

Anyway, I was thinking about everything you have advised me and decided that I don’t have MS - after all, I haven’t even seen a consultant yet !! And that seemed to get me through the day nicely - thankyou.

One day at a time I’ve decided, and again today, I’ve had a good-ish day. Still no news from the hospital and I’ve decided I’ll just go with the flow and see whoever - at least it will get the ball rolling.

As regards work, my immediate boss may be empathetic, but working for the NHS means that they don’t take too kindly to several episodes of sickness so it will be easier to stay off until I have been seen at the hospital - that’s what my GP also thinks.

Anyway, again thanks for the reply and hope you’re well