awaiting diagnosis

Im 45 and until four months ago was ok , I have not been d I agnosed yet I am waiting for lumber results to come , just want to know if my symtoms resemble any one else , it came on all of a sudden I was at work and noticed a pins and needles numb feeling in soles of feet witch over the next week got worse so I went to docs she got blood tests done and they all came back ok I was off work for four weeks went to a neurologist he done nerve tests and mri on lower back , then I went back to work and thought grin and bare it it then changed I get like a creepy vibrating feeling from feet into groin with coldness all over I have had a lumber punch and am waiting for results im back at work but strugling every day gets harder if it wasn’t for my family I would not get up I am prepared for dealing with what ever it I is just w a nt to know my son gets marriad in august and just would like to be ok for his wedding .