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Is it just me or has everbodies avatars gone ? Why is this illness so depresive debilitating and painful ? Almost every part of my body hurts and I cant walk 50 yards without wanting to stop. I think the neuro thought I was giving him porkies, I have started losing vision on one eye and feel like I’m being fobbed off by the medical profession cus its cheaper. The TN and ON on the right hand side of my face is now started on the other side, earache and more stabby pains in the left eye. Best look on the bright side hey? I’m fit for work aye, thers the rub I cant sign on cus my hands are seized up when I write? Thats life though and I’m just going through a bad patch and getting steadily worse. Things will get better I’m sure, it just takes time, sorry about going on I must be tired or something this pain doesnt help. Hope you’re all feeling better, time for some caffeine therapy, it sure is a nice day in liverpool the sunshine is lovely and things are lookin up. Bye for now. xx Frank.

Hi Frank

As you have no replies as yet i thought i’d see if you’re ok?

Not sure if you are asking for help here or just want to get things off your chest.

I don’t know your story so far - sorry. Are you diagnosed or in limbo?

It’s best to ask questions one or two at a time to get the best responses. Is there anything you particularily want to ask? or just want people to chat to? what problems can people help you with?

I don’t have any problems with avatars at all - is it sorted now?

As you are in pain it would be best to see if you can get something for it - gp/neuro/ms nurse? No need to put up with pain Frank. Let us know if we can help you.


Hello Frank,

If you are having trouble with your eyes, start at the opticians and they can refer you on if necessary. Take a visit to your gp if you’re in pain, no one should have to suffer pain and if you have been dx contact your ms nurse, if not ask your gp for a referral so you can get help.

Wishing you good luck.



Thanks Janet and Teresa, I’m still in limbo and the symptoms are getting worse. I was just getting things off my chest, plus Idont think Ive come to terms with it yet, maybe the scan results will come through. The optician should be able to recomend something. Thanks for replying it helped put it into perspective. I think a chat with the gp is needed too. Thanks ladies, Good Luck and take care. xxx Frank

I forgot to mention my avatars are still not working, anyone got any ideas ? Mods ? Please.

Hi Frank.

I can see your avatar so I think it must be something in your browser settings that are mucking things up.

Sorry you’re having a tough time. Make sure and make plenty of noise in the right places: see an ophthalmologist about your eyes and keep nagging the GP to get some meds for the TN - that is pain that no one should have to suffer!

Karen x

Thanks Karen, I’m 300mg pregablin which may need upping and cocodamol qds maybe that needs adjustment too. I’m feeling better than I did earlier, a good sleep will probably work it magic too I may just need it to make a few noises. Thanks again Karen x. Frank.

Hi All, after a much needed good nights sleep I’m feeling much better. The burning and stabby pains are bearable, and the avatars are fixed thanks Karen it was the setttings I now have the ballerina back! Have a nice day peeps and thanks for all your help and support. xx Frank.