auto immune diseases

i’ve only just realised that my aunt who has rheumatoid arthritis has loads of the same symptoms as me.

the heat intolerance especially.

anybody else find this?

carole x


l have a friend who has rheumatoid arthritis - she is very disabled with it. She also has fybromyaligia and psoriasis. All auto-immune diseases. l have osteo-arthritis/lBS/psoriasis/ms.

When we were ‘bright young things’ - dancing the night away - we never thought we would both end up ‘bright old things’ and hardly able to shuffle along.

She has lots of metalwork in her ankles - and l have a ‘titanium’ hip.

ah it sucks big time doesnt it?

chris is only 13 years older than me. RA has stolen her life worse than ms.

well hey, we get on with it as usual

carole x

Arthritis runs in our family so the chances of me getting it was always going to be high and I also have psoriasis. I have read that where you have one auto-immune disease you are more likely to get others.

Funnily enough I started taking cod liver oil tablets this week as I have recently been getting pains in my fingers and the knuckles feel a little swollen. My granny thought it worked wonders for her & there is no harm in trying. As she always said, old age never comes by itself. She was a wise wee woman at times. At others she was daft as a brush.