Dear reader,as you have probably noticed we’re supposed to be belt tighening,brace adjusting and generally being parsimonious,hence the red font to cheer you up.

When I was feeding Billy the cat at the crack of noon I had an epiphany. The empty foil pouch which Billy’s brunch was in would make a cheap and festive decoration if threaded on a string with 200-300 others.A definite ice breaker at a party and how we will laugh as Billy tries to get the step ladders out.

Have you got any 'Festive Frugalities’

Typing in the drak, Wb

Dear Woblyboy, what a jolly good idea! That nice man Mr Cameron would be so proud of you! He will welcome you with open arms into his Big Society Club.

Here’s one for the ladies! Tampons can look rather dashing hanging on the tree… and they even have that natty little loop to hang them from… AND the best bit is that they can be used again!

Well done you WB for coming up with such a corker!!!

Pat x (PS just had a tin of cat food for lunch! YUM! It beats going hungry any day!)

Well, catching Santa as he slides down the chimney on Christmas Eve and stuffing him for lunch will save quite a bit on turkey.

Snacking on supermarket samples, even collecting them in a carrier bag makes decent pre-stuffed Santa Christmas dinner tidbits, actually, lets say titbits and try out the (filtered word) sorter.

White spirit is barely discernible from sambuca for those after dinner cocktails, I’d be careful with the flaming coffee bean though…for a further saving perhaps try a flaming baked bean floating on a glass of white spirit, sure to impress the guests…

Fill the mincepies with sawdust, always a treat after Christmas lunch.

Raid the lost & found boxes in schools, libraries, shopping centres - cheap and cheerful Christmas gifts.

There’s got to be more but I’m tired, would have pasted the zzzz emoticom here but the emoticoms appear to have disappeared…