Aubagio & Thyroid

Hi, I have my appointment with my ms nurse re a small relapse 2 weeks ago but I also discover from my gp that my thyroid function test in June is abnormal. My go surgery didn’t tell me, it was after seeing my gp re my relapse that he mentioned it was low. Previous to that visit I had seen another go who didn’t mention anything. My question is…Has anyone else on Aubagio had thyroid issues. My TSH level is 5.93 and T4 15.96. I’ve been stable on 125mg if thyroxine for 21 years so I guess the Aubagio is the cause! Sharon x

I’m back! The neurologist I saw said it wasn’t a relapse, but more of underlying symptoms of sensory ms. I beg to differ. Anyway, I’m to stay on Aubagio & notify the ms nurses if there are any further changes in the future and he referred me back to my gp re my thyroid issues for them to monitor. Obviously, I told him how stable my thyroid has been over the last 21 years and believed the Aubagio was the cause but he just said the GP to monitor and he suggested they could increase my thyroxine by 25mg to 150mg. So back to the GP I’ll go. Sharon x

I know you get used to your thyroid staying stable, but in the last few years mine has bounced up and down from 150mcg to 100, to 125, 75. Now I’m back on 100. Yet for the first 20 years it was absolutely fixed at 100mcg.

So it might be coincidental.


Hi Sue, not sure how old you are but I’m 51 and my periods have recently stopped so it might not be Aubagios fault, It could be the menopause!

I’m 50, but my changeable thyroid hormone levels have been going on for some time. I’ve been on thyroxine since the age of about 24 so the up,and down nature of the levels haven’t been related to anything external like menopause.

Not that it’s impossible in your case. It’s like everything else we experience, what caused my changes to thyroid hormone aren’t necessarily connected to yours.


Hi! I’m Brittany. I take Aubagio as well. My GP and Neuro have been so protective of my liver and hadn’t paid attention to my thyroid and goodness. I’m so out of wack.

Hi Brittany, You should be having your checked every 6 months so it should be monitored, but for my own benefit I ask for copies of my blood test results especially since I’ve been having problems with my low lymphocyte levels which became apparent when I was on tecfidera and they are still below 1! About 10 ago. Sharon x