Aubagio & B12

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone taking Aubagio for their MS if so I would love to hear from you there doesn’t seem to be many people in my County on it. Secondly if you are taking the medication is there anyone also having B12 injections too.

I am due my B12 next week but have forgotten to check with ms nurse if its ok to still have it. I have only been taking Aubagio now for one week. I know I can’t have a normal flu jab I will have to have the spray up the nose like children something to do with the injection being a live vaccine?

I really hope someone might be able to help me out with this,

Happy Easter everyone xxxx


Hi jaspher. Yes still ok to have b12. Ive been having b12 injections for past 8 years. Been diagnosed 5 yrs ago with ms. Get my b12 injections every 12 weeks.

Sry also meant to add i also get flu jab no problem. I am on tecfidera.

Hello jaspher66,

I was supposed to have been starting aubagio but relapsed quite a lot so ended up on something else instead

I don’t understand why you can’t have the flu jab though. The vaccine for the jab is not live however the nasal spray vaccine is live so I would have thought that any problems would be more likely to come with the spray

Hi Jaspher 66. I am due to start Aubagio in three weeks. Neurologist is happy for me to have my monthly B12 injections. I know it is early days for you but how are you getting on with it.


Hello Mary

I am now on week 3 of Aubagio, doing ok main problem is heavy headed feeling . I take the medication at bed time now I feel its better at that time as I was feeling sick during the day when I took it in the morning .

Go for first bloods next week so we’ll see take care .


Who told you that you can’t have the normal flu jab? I don’t believe that’s the case. The injected flu vaccine is a killed virus.

The childrens flu vaccine - nose spray is a live vaccine. But is does not contain mercury - as a preservative. Always ask - with any vaccine if it contains mercury - as there is usually an alternative. Even though the NHS - state that there is not enough evidence to say that mercury is causing Autism and other heavy metal damage - they have stopped putting it in children’s vaccine.

Just google Mercury and flu jabs.

I started Aubagio 2 weeks ago unfortunately having a small relapse at the moment but still sticking with it. Going ok tecfedira didn’t work for me like just 1 tablet a day works better for me having to eat before the tablets not a good thing for me. Good luck!