Attack or side effect?


I’ve recently been diagnosed with RRMS in the last couple of months following a seriesoff tests from my neurologist.

I’ve also been to the disease modifying therapy session where I decided to go with copaxone and have just finished my first week of injections.

Question I have is whether i am having a reaction to copaxone or whether I’m having an attack.

Problem is with my right arm. The top of !my shoulder and wrist/thumb area are in pain. It started when I began copaxone treatment. The pain is affecting my sleep regardless on which way I left. Im also currently taking a few ibuprofens as I’ve read they help with inflammation.

Attack or side reaction?

If an attack, how do you all manage the issues and any advice?



Hi John.

I am on Rebif and haven’t suffered any reactions. I do take 2 paracetamol 2 hours before I inject and 2 ibuprofen 2 hours after I inject and this seems to work for me. You can do it the other way round too.

I never inject my arms I find this too sensitive an area. Did you inject in your arm before you had the pains?

I would give my MS Nurse a call just to make sure it is not a reaction.

Hope you get answers soon.

Shazzie x

hi john

i’ve been on copaxone for 5 years.

injection sites can be tricky but you can learn which ones and why.

maybe you need to do another week and see how it goes then.

the connections helpline is really good, it is staffed by copaxone nurses and they will advise you on what to do.

my right arm used to hurt and i realised it was because i was using my left hand to inject. if i asked my husband to do it, i was fine.

carole x

Thanks Shazzie & Carole

I haven’t injected into my arms just yet for fear that the pain will worsen. I have only injected in both my thighs and stomach so far.

I have a feeling that this is just an attack as have lasted a week now. I still havent found anything that will take the annoying pain away and am still stuck on ibuprofens.

How do you deal with the pain that comes with any attacks? Thats what im finding the hardest - not knowing what to do if anything can be done.