atos dr's

i was wondering do the so called atos dr’s need to ask your permission before they touch you to do the physical part of the assessment? i think i read it some where they have to have your permission but im not sure, the guy i saw isnt registered on the gmc website and never asked my permission to touch me, i didnt think i had a choice, if they need permission is it too late to complain?

the dr never asked my permission in anyway, he just said to get on the bed so he can do the physical part of the assessment, its goin ok so far, just waiting for the next booklet to thump thru my door to fill in for them to see if i still should be on esa, i thought that after the 13 week assessment period of the wrag group i didnt need more books to fill in, but i do, i really hope they dont make me go to another assessment with those atos@ers, im sick n tired of bein prodded, poked, assessed, books to fill in, sending off proof to prove im disabled and not a liar, it seems that it will never end at all and will keep getting worse all the time

Make sure you have the details of who assessed you and if you think it was not professional you should make a complaint.

I hope you always take a family member/friend with you to these assessments as you seem to be having some difficult times at the moment.

i dont have anyone to go with me, my bro’s n sister work full time, both parents are disabled, mum needs someone to be with her every where she goes, i cant ask anyone from the ms nurses team coz they are all rushed off there feet, my ms nurse has had to have a couple of weeks off sick for exhaustion, the cab have no one spare, i have no friends full stop, so no one can go with me

PanBurner I think it might be too late, but if not, ask for the assessment to be recorded. They shouldn’t have a man on his own examine you. There should be a woman in the room. If you’re a woman. I’m not sure from your name :slight_smile: MS is one of the Neurological conditions that require an M.D. to examine you. I think that would be grounds for appeal if it isn’t / wasn’t.