ATOS Doctor......result.

Sorry if I have already told you this, but the ATOS GP visit ended with me getting high rate mobility indefinatly…that’s great, but a pity it was to late to save my car being snatched back by motorbility.

WARNING…If your thinking of getting mobility car DON’T get one with a deposit unless you have just had three years awarded or your not bothered.

We lost 2K in down payment on a car we only had for a year with little warning & all because the DLA lost paperwork!

Also don’t expect motorbility to help, they really do not give a sh!te about helping you, yet they are great if you need any other kind of help!



Ahhh thats shamefull of them,they could of understood that benefits agency are backed up with claims and reviews of claims.

I hope I get a home visit.