Ate too much

I am sooooo stupid, yesterday i ate too much for dinner, even though my husband did warn me not to.

Did i listen? nooooooo, and now suffering for it…my brain at th time thinks im hungry, so have bit more…

then i decide to have cup of tea with choclate b4 bedtime. and this morning woke up with bloating, sore throat, breathing problems…im such a plonka…next time i will listen to him.

Are you sure it’s not something else?

Occasionally eating too much should not cause breathing problems, sore throat etc, even with MS.

I’m not saying overeating’s ever good, and might perhaps account for the bloating? But it shouldn’t be making you as ill as you evidently are. Are you quite sure you’re not going with an infection, that has no connection with last night’s meal?


I am no diatician, but from what you describe, this reaction seems to be caused by an alergy. Perhaps cocoa? This is often the cause for a reaction. I hope that you soon find out the cause.

Take care,