At last Some One Listened....

Hello everyone,I am knew here....

I hope I can receive and give help were needed...

It was sugested I had MS some years ago,after being very ill after giving birth to my last child,the birth didnt go well and I nearly died..It took me a long time to recover from this,about 18 months..Since then I had experienced muscle pain and the odd twitch in my arms and legs.I thought nothing of this.

About two years ago I started to have weeks of muscle weakness,pain in what appeared to be my bones,muscles and skin all areas of my body.The ticks n twitches got more frequent.Then I started having pritty harsh spasms or twiches,these would jerk me awake at night.I felt my muscles get tight in my arms and legs during the day and night.My arms would tighten up into my chest.

I went to see my doctor who sent me for a blood test wich was clear,I was ill again in more servere pain this time,my doctor sent me for another blood test.Yup test was clear.Then in January I was woken by a full body spasm.My arms were jammed up into my chest unable to move them,my legs,body were stiff as a board and I was face down in my pillow,I felt as if I was being bent upwards off the bed.I could not get my face out of the pillow.I was being smothered,the spasm stopped,seconds later another one then another one,still I could not get my face out of the pillow,I could not breath.on about number 6 ot 7 spasm I managed to turn my head a little and take a breath of air.after number 8 full body ridgid spasm they stopped,I was terrified.I went back to my doctor and again another blood test and it came back clear.I was frustrated.

I then moved home and chaned doctors,by this time I am haveing weeks of my body being in pain and no let up,full body spasms at night,ticks n twitches that woke me,I am so tired ALL the time,overly tired,trouble eating,it appears I have all the symptoms of MS..I went to the new doctors they had me a MRI scan within weeks of wich 7 days after the scan I have the results,large amounts of white matter and fissues on the brain,this new doctor is also now getting me an emergency appointment with a neuroligist and also arranging transport to and from hospital,she says I am to ill to be travelling the distance etc..

I am so glad I moved home and changed doctors,I had been suffering badly with all the symptoms for two years and got no were with my old doctor.

The pain,weakness and spasms are always there but some days are better than others,there are days I can hardly walk,but I fight back.

I guessed what I had two years ago,but I felt alone and ignored,no one appeared to belive me I am ill,not even family and friends.

I got my MRI results today and after a good chat with my doctor I feel much better,I feel at last someone cares,someone belives me,that she understands how ill I am..

I cried today,why did I cry?

I didnt cry because of MS I cried because no one believed me,no one cared,I cried because I now have the proof that I have been suffering I am ill.

Thanks to a caring and knowledgable doctor who seen I needed help.

BUT I will not be held down I will not let anything hold me back,on a good day I will be happy and make the most of that day,on a bad day oh well its just a bad day...

I will keep fighting....


Oh Jellybean you have suffered a lot!  All I can say right now is 'big hugs' and continue to vent your frustrations etc as you like on here. What a lovely doctor you now seem to have, I hope that makes a big difference to this nightmare for you. Stay strong lovely lady xx 

What a difference it makes to have a GP who listens! Unfortunately, many of them just don't understand neurology, so it can be a bit of a fight to get to see the right people. I'm really glad for you that you've finally got someone on your side.


Just a small word of caution: it may well be MS, but only a neurologist will be able to tell you for sure.


I hope you don't have to wait too long for your appointment.


Karen x

Thankyou for your kind words.

Oh I feel so much better now with the new doctor.She has been very good,even offering transport to and from hospital as she said your to ill to be travelling via buses etc.

I should have my emergency appointment with the neurologist within the next 10 days...

I felt I was being left to suffer in pain and no one listening,now I feel more that I can go on and fight this...

I am a positive person anyway,I laugh and smile through the bad times...Im finaly moving on with all this,I will now get the help and treatment I deserve..

Yes I am worried what life will hold for me as I have a child at home,but I am sure with all the right services put into place and a few good friends life will be good....

Bless you


im so glad you're getting somewhere and that its helping you.

sometimes if the doctor just shows you that he believes you and supports you can be enough to take you through  the difficult times.

ok, so diagnosis could be possible this time but having the support is absolutely vital to the patients wellbeing.

stay on this site and you will get help and support the whole way through, i dont know where i would be if it wasnt for the fact that i know of lots of others who are in the same situation.

sending lots of love

mandy xxxxx

Thankyou MandyMary.....I have actualy read through most of this site and have found it very handy for information...

Some family members and friends have now stepped up and are realy trying to make amense for there terrible attitude and have promised to help me out when needed....


I do feel better my doctor is very supportive....